"You Won't Bring Me Down" Reviews

"Rod is one of the rare musicians still putting out simple 80s non-disco pop music, and You Won’t Bring Me Down is definitely worth a listen!"

You Won’t Bring Me Down is catchy, fun, and jam-packed with all the ingredients of a new wave rock hit."

"You Won’t Bring Me Down is a tightly wound, impeccably styled and meticulously crafted pop-rocker"

"The uplifting track slides under your skin and sticks with you for long after you stop listening."

"You Won’t Bring Me Down is a very well-crafted and infectious synthpop number from a man who clearly is a more than competent songwriter."

"highlights multi-instrumentalist Rod Moore’s ability to create a powerful, anthemic track that leaves us feeling inspired."

"The Rod Moore Band delivers great music... You Won’t Bring Me Down grabs you right away."

"Lockdown" Reviews

"Rod Moore is a singer and songwriter who’s changed up his sound a bit and gone in more of an 80’s inspired synth pop style to craft this highly relatable and ultimately catchy new track."

"...a great vibe that brings to mind some of Peter Gabriel’s earliest solo work."


The Georgia Straight

L'Enfant Von

Honk Magazine

Eat this Rock Blog

Sinusoidal Music

August 15, 2021 - The Rod Moore Band Premiere
The Partae (AUS)

Berlin On Air (DE)

The Static Dive

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